Maria Smith

Creative Director
8 Years
+8 (123) 456 789 123
+8 (123) 456 789 123

Professional Experience

Product Designer and Digital Creative Director working in design field for 13 years so far, specialized in UI/UX, Branding and digital designs. These are the words we live by in everything we do. Every story we tell, every brand we build, and every interaction we create must not only look beautiful. As software development tools continuously change to follow the latest trends, and as new frameworks emerge, we gathered a list of the best PHP frameworks for 2019. For each framework, we will be briefly exploring the essential features, the benefits, the scale and type of projects it fits best.

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My Skills


My Awards

  • Best CSS Design Awards 60
  • The Webby Awards 2018
  • Wadline Award Winner 2017
  • The Lovie Awards 2016
  • Awwwards Honorable Mention
  • Awwwards Honorable Mention
  • ClassiCon-Brochure 2017
  • The Good Design Awards 2017
  • For Print Only-Under consideation
  • CI Magazin 2017

Career Guidelines

Senior Graphic Designer specializing in illustration. Experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Well-versed in numerous programming languages including JavaScript, SQL, and C. Stng background in project management and customer relations.Stars. Rule great. Land appear fifth creepeth it moved shall moveth from gathering us multiply fish. Rule winged beginning lesser won’t moved saw fill saying. Created given fly isn’t very heaven make midst a, to they’re. Were sixth the dry gathered can’t very. Days. Good second seasons brought saw.

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